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You love cheese! Melted mozzarella, nibble worthy cheddar and oh so decadent chevre…

but listening to people talk about cheese is so freaking boring and the last thing you want to do is put your guests to sleep. Thankfully we’ve created a “not boring” cheese event perfect for any occasion. 

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How might you ask?

Well, we’ve designed our cheese tasting to be 100% story based. We travel from ancient Greek legends to gasp-worthy cheese scandals.


In addition, we intersperse trivia cheese questions throughout the event to test your guest preliminary cheese knowledge.

Who is making these delicious deliver-to-your-door cheese kits? 

We partnered with Marcoot a sustainable small batch farm


We have two packages: 
The Basic: Chef’s Choice 3-cheese selection
The Deluxe: Chef’s Choice 3-cheese selection with 2 add in's 


Optional add in: local honey, home made jam, artisan crackers, summer sausage, home made fudge! 



The Greek legend of milk and cheese 

The hilarious story of orange cheddar 

A chef’s tips and tricks to create a 5-star cheese board 

Cheese trivia for beginners 

Wine and Cheese

I would love to book a virtual cheese tasting! What’s next?

 Glad you asked! We’ve streamlined our booking process, so just invite your guests and relax  

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How It Works

We provide the entertainment. On the day of your event you will open up the zoom link we have provided. Once online guests receive a guide tour through a world of cheese.

You invite your guests and we retrieve their addresses to ship a cheese tasting kit directly to their doors.  

We have our lovely cheese makers box up a variety of cheeses and ship them straight to you.   


Amy Shack Egan Founder and CEO of Modern Rebel and Rebel Virtual

Tova hosted a virtual cheese tasting I attended. From the process of receiving the order of the cheeses + the tasting itself, it couldn't have been more seamless! Plus, she was clearly knowledgeable about the cheese and I walked away from the experience with the confidence to enter a cheese shop + pick delicious cheeses AND talk about them with nuance. Tova is a skilled chef with a likable personality and I would recommend any of her virtual experiences for you, your date, or your company. The experience was incredibly relaxed, organized, and thorough - highly recommend!

Kevin Wegener, Entrepreneurial, mission driven healthcare marketing executive

During the pandemic finding ways to bond with your team safely can be challenging. I was fortunate to be part of her candy from around the world experience through a Yelp event. That event was so interesting, that I reached out to Chef Tova to see if she could help create a personalized experience for my team. She didn’t disappoint. We decided to do a cheese tasting. I have done innumerable ones but this is the first time I not only learned about the cheese, but the historical origins which were truly fascinating.

Tim Hubey, Vice President at Piper Sandler

\In the cheese tasting, which is part of her Virtual Culinary Event series, Tova demonstrated her extensive knowledge of cheese through a dynamic presentation that was conducted with professionalism and warmth. Chef Tova managed to cook a spectacular meal that generated an excited buzz among the attendees and kept the show moving smoothly as a host with her wit and humor. I would recommend Chef Tova for any number of opportunities within the culinary field. I believe that anyone who chooses to work with her will surely not be disappointed.


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