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Everyone stopped caring the second you said, “happy hour”  

By 3 p.m. people are already thinking about what Netflix shows they’re going to watch and what take-out they are going to order. The prime time of attentiveness is NOT cocktail hour, it’s coffee hour. 

People are the most attentive in the MORNING 

That’s why we have created an event that can be presented in the morning.


Because when you combine the world’s tastiest cold brew with the day’s most productive time, you create the one thing that money can’t buy: a good start to the day!


Absolutely no one is going to remember the cocktail they had three days ago, but give them a morning experience that starts their morning off with a kick, they’ll remember you for life. 

Is this fancy shmancy coffee really that good? 

Oh yeah, it’s that good!


Our cold brew is from Monday Coffee, a small batch brewery based in Chicago. The founders Felton and Amanda are pioneers when it comes to making coffee, creating essentially the champagne of cold brew.


You don’t need to be a coffee snob to taste the difference. Their coffee is made from the highest quality beans, which are then roasted to absolute perfection. 

From vegans to ketos to paleos, everyone has different dietary restrictions these days… is that going to be an issue?

 Nope, our coffee events are BYOM (bring your own milk) so whether you drink almond milk or milked cashews or grass-fed milk or half and half or no milk with 2 sugars or hemp milk or buffalo milk or quinoa milk, you join this event and get the most out of the best coffee in the world!

Who are these coffee aficionados making this out of this world cold brew? 

Amanda Christine Harth & Felton Kizer are not just coffee makers, they support historically colonized countries through ethical sourcing and use storytelling to celebrate the transparency of their brand.


People drink coffee to create connections and there are no better connectors than these two. 

So, what can I look forward to unboxing?

3-8 oz. bottles

  • No. 01 Cold Brew is a washed single-origin blend. No. 01 is a signature blend with notes of smooth dark chocolate and dates.

  • No. 03 Cold Brew is a washed single-origin Honduras & has notes of white grapes, pear & caramel.

  • No. 04 Cold brew is washed single-origin Rwanda. No. 04 has notes of lemon grass, sugarcane, and toffee.

Image by Mike Kenneally

WOW I love coffee! What’s next?

 Glad you asked! We’ve streamlined our booking process, so just invite your guests and relax  

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Event schedule

How the origin of coffee beans determines the aroma and tasting note of a coffee 

The Ethiopian legend behind coffee 
How there was once a coffee prohibition equivalent to the prohibitions on alcohol

Felton and Amanda’s story about making the perfect brew 
Coffee trivia for beginners
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How It Works


You invite your guests and we retrieve their addresses to ship a coffee sample pack directly to their door.    


We have Felton and Amanda box up your chocolate tasting kit and ship them with a tracking code that will go directly to your guests’ emails. 


We provide the entertainment. On the day of your event guests will open up the zoom link and receive a guide tour through a world of coffee. 


Marelle Cerven, CFE

 I've attended quite a few virtual events since the pandemic started, and Chef Tova's was one of my favorites. Ordering and receiving the tasting box was also seamless and everything arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend a Chef Tova event for any occasion!

Amy Shack Egan
Founder of Modern Rebel | Co-Founder of Bandit

Tova is a skilled chef with a likable personality and I would recommend any of her virtual experiences for you, your date, or your company. The experience was incredible relaxed, organized, and thorough - highly recommend! 

Tim Hubey
Vice President at Piper Sandler

I've had the privilege of interacting with Chef Tova on several occasions,  I would recommend Chef Tova for any number of opportunities within the culinary field. I believe that anyone who chooses to work with her will surely not be disappointed. 

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