What you wouldn’t give to go on a vacation to Greece right now… basking in the sunlight, drinking wine… oh yeah, COVID. But what if you could give your guests a taste of Greece from the comfort of home’? What if you could create that event that people will endlessly be “buzzing” about? Ladies and Gents, I present to you Not Boring Event’s Virtual Food Tour of Greece!


A Tasting Based in Greek Mythology 

Because the only thing people like more than Greek food is stories and our events are full of wild adventures of Greek mythology, flavors and culture. Our events are not just delicious they are awe worthy and unforgettable. You can’t go jetting to Greece, but with our fully immersive tasting, we bring Greece to you!

Learn about the Mediterranean diet

We have all heard that the Mediterranean diet is the key to a health and long life, but most of the information is just bogus unhelpful junk. We demystify the Mediterranean diet. Guests learn what it really means to eat like a Mediterranean.


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Our Partner 

Our event partner is Maria Kalomenidou who runs a company called Zelos. Zelos creates carefully curated boxes of organic and all-natural products that are produced locally in Greece. Her producers work in a very challenging economic environment, yet make it a point to help their local communities.

What your Greek tasting kit includes: 

  • Spinach & feta sauce (like spanakopedia in a jar) 

  • Eggplant sauce

  • Green kalamata olives ( very flavorful unlike other types in the US that are bitter). these come from the area of Halkidiki and are a PDO variety.

  • Honey from Crete made of wild herbs and wild thyme. 

  • 15 Greek herbs and seeds mix 

  • Aurora Greek Tea 

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Image by Artiom Vallat

How It Works


You invite your guests and we retrieve their addresses in order to ship a Grecian tasting kit to their homes.  


 We have Maria's team curate and box up your lovely Greek treat so we can ship them to your door.  


We provide the entertainment. On the day of your event you will open up the zoom link we have provided and guests receive a guided tour through a world of Greek culture and Mythology.

Book a 15 minute discovery call