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Successful businesses are based on personal relationships. That’s why our chocolate tastings are designed to create a down-to-earth platform. You might have little in common with your clients or employees, but... everyone loves chocolate. 

How we make our chocolate tastings “not boring”

There is a static energy surrounding zoom meetings.


Beside being incredibly boring, there are a million distractions that keep you from *actually* paying attention. You hate  “fru fru” pretentious events.


So we don’t do that.


Our events are completely stories-based and combine tasting chocolate with historical anecdotes and personal stories by our chocolatier. chocolate tasting and polling interactive trivia questions throughout the event. 

Because Conventional Chocolate is soooo 1990’s:

You can send a swag bag with second rate Hershey's knock off chocolate...


OR you can give your guests the chocolate experience of a lifetime by providing them with chocolate that changes everything you thought you knew about chocolate. 

When you open up these chocolate boxes in the mail, you will see four bars handcrafted by a world class chocolatier. Each bar is decadent, melt in your mouth and brings out flavors in chocolate you've probably never tasted before.

How OUR Chocolate Ties Into YOUR Mission Statement

We not only buy fair trade chocolate that supports West African farmers. We buy our chocolate from Cocoa Vivre a Black-owned production businesses. 


I’m sold! What’s next?

 Glad you asked! We’ve streamlined our booking process, so just invite your guests and relax 


How It Works


You invite your guests and we retrieve their addresses. We then ship a 
       chocolate tasting kit directly to your guests’ doors.


We have Robert Bowen (our amazing chocolatier) custom craft and box up 
       your chocolates then ship them directly to your guests.



We provide the entertainment. On the day of your event you will open our
        zoom link and provide a guided tour through a world of chocolate.


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Event schedule


How pairing flavors with chocolate is like dating 

How the Spanish stole chocolate from the Mesoamericans and what South America did to retaliate  

How the French equated chocolate to a recreational drug ​

How chocolate went from being an aristocratic delicacy to a post WWII “health food”

How Robert Bowen, our chocolatier went on a life changing trip to Ghana and
   what he is doing to revolutionize the chocolate industry 

You Customize Your Own Chocolate Tasting Kit 

What you can include 

  • Full sized craft chocolate bars (2-7)

  • Mini chocolate bars (2-7)

  • Chocolate pairing trail mix

  • Cacao Nibs

  • Truffle 

  • Chocolate Bark 

Theme boxes which include 

  • Our healthy-ish dark chocolate lovers box 

  • Black owned business only box 

  • Truffle box 

  • Chocolate pairings box 

  • All vegan box 

  • White to extra dark box 

  • Chocolate bars from around the world! 



Jennifer Drapisch, Global Brand Marketer, Under Armour

Tova went above and beyond for our group and I highly recommend her for your next gathering! She is flexible, responsive and incredibly creative. Tova customized our virtual program and was able to turn it around in an astounding time frame with grace, ease and speed. Her programs are not only full of interesting information, but her presentation approach makes it engaging for novice to knowledgable audiences.

Managing Partner, VitaCap Fund 

Tova's virtual culinary event was a major success which, despite Covid-19, brought my team together for an unforgettable evening. Tova is highly knowledgeable in the art of food, uses a witty sense of humor, and most importantly - down to earth. I am confident we'll invite Chef Tova for a second round soon!

Stefanie S 

I have done 2 workshops with Chef Tova. Both were fantastic. She prepared a chocolate tasting which was informative, fun, and yummy. Chef Tova was flexible, knowledgeable, and used humor to engage with the group. I highly recommend Chef Tova's events. They are definitely ‘not boring’ and will keep you connected with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

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