When I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America,  I immediately started working as a freelance events chef.

After fighting my way into the industry, I got to work with celebrities like Paul McCartney and large companies like Ann Taylor but whether I was working with private or corporate clients, I kept noticing the same thing...


People struggle to connect.


They pace, they eat, they mingle, they refill their cocktails. It's  an awkward dance that I personally can't stand, so I started creating the events I wanted come to. 

"I started creating the events I wanted come to"

...events that are 80% interactive where people  are engaging from the moment they arrive. 

  • No small talk 

  • No networking 

  • No icebreakers 

  • No bullshit

There is a surplus of loneliness and deficit of connection. My goal in life is to help close that gap.


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